Zappys is a leading global provider of high quality, time bound and cost effective open source product development, testing, quality assurance, publishing, page composition, digital typesetting, proof reading, data conversion, image rendering and wiki tagging services.Founded in 2005 with a vision to fulfill evolving content needs, technology,and global resources to provide cutting-edge offerings across key market segments.We employ a wide array of quality gates at every stage of the software development life cycle to ensure that only the best reaches our customer.

We are well versed in all types of project methodologies and implement the best practices in development, project management and testing. We have a mature process improvement mechanism and knowledge base that has been perfected over a period of 5 years. This enables us to draw upon our experience in delivering high quality output to our customers.We leverage our practical and relevant technology platforms, process excellence, deep domain expertise, and strategic enterprise partnerships to deliver superior business results for our clients.Zappys services can be ideally tailored to suit any volume, schedule and time lines. No matter how complex the requirements and data are, Zappys guarantees high accuracy levels.

Zappys can deal with open source product development and testing, data conversion operations comprising both text and imaging with high accuracy levels and extremely fast turnarounds. Our operations are managed with qualified personnel for supervisory and support functions.

The ability to work proactively with our clients across a wide range of services has helped us deliver unsurpassed value to our clients. The culture and the spirit that we endeavor to capture in every single engagement and interaction with our clients. At Zappys, we have the potential and experience to deliver what your business needs.

We are currently working on CK12 Foundation's products named FlxWeb, FlexMath, Braingenie, INAP.